Become a Climate Protector

Becoming a Climate Protector means you are ready to raise money for the cause.

We must reforest the planet FAST. We need hundreds of people to become Treevolution Climate Protectors. We will help you to launch a very successful crowdfunding campaign to your network! (other forms of fundraising are welcome too).

If you are inspired to address Climate Change NOW, please become a climate protector and start a fundraiser page today.

To receive more info about becoming a Climate Protector, sign up here:


    Once you become a Climate Protector, please view our Climate Protector Resources Page with our tools, tips, and videos on how to most successfully raise money!

    “Many people are afraid of asking their network for money, but most of those people are surprised at how willing that network is to give.”

    Lev Freedman – Founder, The Treevolution

    Once you sign up as a Climate Protector, we provide you with:

    Video Tutorials for Crowdfunding Success
    A Climate Protector Guidebook
    Templates of emails, social media posts, and messages to communicate with your network effectively
    Email Support
    Phone Support
    Your own crowdfunding page linked to the overall Treevolution campaign

    Although we focus on supporting your crowdfunding efforts, you can also raise money in other ways.

    However you think you can raise money. Some other examples:
    • Throw a fundraising event
    • A party
    • A Bake Sale
    • A Concert
    • Anything you can dream up
    • Get coworkers to chip in together
    • Allow customers to give to the Treevolution
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    Spread the Word

    In order to have the impact we need, we rely on people like you to let everyone know about the Treevolution.

    The success of the Treevolution is in our hands. Let’s spread this far and wide. Here’s how you can help spread the word:
    1. Like us on Facebook
    2. Post on Social Media

    Watch this video! For those of you concerned about Climate Change, join the Treevolution, a movement to preserve rainforest and plant trees all over the planet. Trees are the most cost effective technology we have to address Climate Change NOW. With a goal of 100 Climate Protectors and 1000 Monthly Donors by the end of this year, we can plant and preserve millions of trees!

    3. Send private messages to your Facebook friends

    This is the most effective way to get the word out. Scroll through your friends list and send private messages to as many friends as you can. Include our video link, and personalize the sample post above.

    4. Become a Climate Protector!

    Become A Business Sponsor

    The Treevolution offers an opportunity for your business to be a part of the regeneration of our planet. To truly be a part of a positive impact.

    We are looking for business partners who are committed to addressing climate change with us.

    Please contact us for more information on our business sponsorship program.